Artwork: Liam Florey

Graphic Design: Mika Anami

Over the course of their music career, Dillbilly has released nine full-length albums under their birth name. Their latest release, Hindsight, is a collection of fifteen remastered tracks from their previous records. It’s an ode to where they came from and a journey across their evolution as a nonbinary working-class artist from the southern Midwest.


Each of these songs grapple lyrically with themes like gender and belonging cloaked in the imagery of landscapes and communities the artist has called home. The change evoked in the songs holds new meaning now that the name “Dillbilly” has emerged, bringing with it freedom from the confines of gender while celebrating Midwestern charm, country music, farming, a working-class sense of humor, and the complexities of being white and queer in a red state.


The tracks that follow retrospectively mark a fresh start both musically and personally, spanning more than twenty years of songwriting while reintroducing an artist on their path to launching a new full-length record in spring 2020.

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© 2018 by Dillbilly

Oakland, California